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Make your own S3 Object Storage

The way media storage is stored today is completely different from several years ago. Cloud storage companies like Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure) have revolutionized the development and productivity of our applications.

3 Reasons You Should Start Writing (and Blogging)

Everybody doesn’t feel the need to write, but we all need to externalize our feelings, our thoughts. Writing is a good way to do it, and blogging is a way to write that helps you to liberate your mind.

Checklist for a Healthier Lifestyle

Life is like a never ending classroom, each discipline is followed by training to improve our learned skills.

What I learned from The Founder

This article could contain some relevant elements of the story.

Empower Your Business Process With BPM

To get started, BPM stands for Business Process Model, you probably already use it as a business analyst or manager. What is it? How to use it? How to get most of it?