What I learned from The Founder

This article could contain some relevant elements of the story.

A movie that all entrepreneurs have to watch. The true story about the beginning of the McDonald’s Foundation.

I like watching movies when it makes you, finally, a little bit smarter. This is what I learned from it.

Enlarge your vision

Often, we tend to have a biased vision from the current situation, the short-term strategy.

McDonald brothers were the first guys to create the concept of fast food. Instead of waiting to be cooked and served, why do not to wait to be cooked, but served instantly after the order. That was delivering food (hamburger, soda, and french fries) fast.

Their vision stopped here.

Ray Kroc knows the potential behind this business. He saw bigger and further. He transformed a family-sized company to a worldwide one.

Take risks to achieve your goal

The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. —Mark Zuckerberg

Ray Kroc puts his bank account on the table, he has been ready to mortgage his house because he knew that taking this risky decision will be grateful for the future.

There are several levels of risks.

Low risks (no risks): Keep your money safe, just investing your time or do nothing at all.

Medium risks: Invest a small percentage of your saving, just enough to not be worried in case of failure. This is useful to test a product or an idea to know the success rate and take greater risk by investing more if you succeed.

High risks: Engage all your investment although get a great ROI… or loose everything. You really need a strong vision to achieve your goal successfully.

Risk has a price. How much money do you want to spend?

You will fail

Ray Kroc failed so many times. Trying to sell his milkshake machine to restaurants willing to improve their delivery speed.

Even investors hate him. However, the most important thing he did is: TRYING.

You learn by mistake and to make mistake you have to try.

Which famous founder didn’t fail? Nobody. Since failure is the logic path to success.

Money can ruin relationships

You invest money but also time. Meaning that you dedicate your days to your project.

Ray Kroc divorced from his wife, he cannot still spend time to take care of her and meets another woman, in his business field.

Did his life reflect happiness? It didn’t, so far.

It is so difficult to find a well-balanced life, especially as an entrepreneur.

It’s a personal choice, just find the best way to happiness.

Watch this movie to make your own point of view and for your culture 😉

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