Checklist for a Healthier Lifestyle

Life is like a never ending classroom, each discipline is followed by training to improve our learned skills.

Here is my checklist I made and I decided to follow to improve myself and enjoy my life. Everyone needs goals because life is led by goals.

Just take small steps to achieve big things and start making your own checklist.

  • Sleep better (not necessarily longer).
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, because it leads to depression. Write your own story.
  • Greet someone, it will make his/her day better.
  • Smile, but not in every situation, it could be socially weird.
  • Travel, create an unbiased vision of the world and media report.
  • Express yourself: photography, painting, music, writing…
  • Speak, in a small group or behind your mirror (really, it helps 😄).
  • Stop judging, try to understand and take on board opposite points of view.
  • Challenge yourself, by exercises routine, good food habit or just applying one of these points.
  • Meet strangers, it develops your social skill.
  • Stop jealous, encourage.
  • Learn something new every day, you are going to be more interesting to other people.
  • Stop running after money, it contributes to happiness but isn’t the happiness as a whole.

Motivates yourself to see RESULTS.

Oh wait, easier said than done, how can I motivate myself?

There are many ways to reach accomplishment during our day, here are some tips:

  • A spreadsheet (Excel, Google Calc…), a bullet journal or a to-do list to help you to keep tracks on results.
  • Split your tasks to smaller tasks.
  • Exercise, it increases your motivation. Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.
  • Meditate/Pray, it helps you to develop an attitude of gratefulness and to keep the focus on important things surrounding you. There is a lot of meditation app, let’s try!
  • Finish what you are started.
  • (Very optional) 🍫 Eat chocolate: Dark chocolate is a lot of antioxidants that increase the production of endorphins while enhancing focus and concentration. On top of that, it triggers the release of dopamine, which elevates your heart rate and significantly increases mental positivity. I love chocolate. Really. But do not overeat it.
  • And so one…
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