Make your own S3 Object Storage

The way media storage is stored today is completely different from several years ago. Cloud storage companies like Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure) have revolutionized the development and productivity of our applications.

Architecture Réactive

L’architecture réactive est un sujet que je n’ai découvert que très récemment et qui, avec l’arrivée de Spring 5, a éveillé ma curiosité.

Era of Microservice Architecture

Nowadays, software engineering field is moving so fast. Giga, Tera, Peta gigabytes of data are processed every day, connected devices and users are growing all around the world.

Cassandra: Pour une Réplication Efficace de Vos Données

On connait tous les bases de données relationnelles telles que MySQL ou PostreSQL, on peut apprendre sans accrochages et leur utilisation n’est pas compliquée.

Empower Your Business Process With BPM

To get started, BPM stands for Business Process Model, you probably already use it as a business analyst or manager. What is it? How to use it? How to get most of it?