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Alexandre Lion

Call me Alex, I'm a french software engineer 🇫🇷.

I have rich experience in application development from frontend/backend to production.

My years of experience have allowed me to develop my skills to carry out my personal projects and those from my clients.

My free times are filled by building products 🚀, traveling 🌍 and taking care🏋🏼.

Front-end development90%
Back-end development80%
DevOps / Sys. admin.75%
Project management80%
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Web Development

A project idea? Looking to improve the functionality of your application? I help you in the development of your custom web applications with HTML5/CSS3, VueJS, Ruby/Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, Java/Spring or NodeJS.

Mobile Development

Need a mobile application? I help you to develop your mobile applications with Flutter and assist you for their publishing.

High-end services

I put emphasis on sustainable solutions over time. That's why I bring attention to code quality and documentation.

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Side project - Claper is the modern way to communicate with your public through real-time features (Elixir - Phoenix)


Client project - Participate is a mobile app centered on events and crypto/NFT (Flutter - VueJS - Web3)

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

Official KodeKloud practice certificate


Cloud Computing

Official certificate by Learning Tree International


UX & UI Design certificate

Official certificate by Learning Tree International

2014 - 2019

Master of Science

SUPINFO International University

2020 - Present

Freelance software engineer

Helping severals clients to build and deploy apps.

2017 - Present

Lead software engineer

Trading team @ equensWorldline - leading SaaS project development for major banks and brokers, in charge of DevOps team and training.

2014 - Present

University teacher

Taught C programming, OS fundamentals, JavaEE - Teaching DevOps and Agile methodologies @ SUPINFO

2015 - 2017

Software engineer

Architects teams @ Worldline - built a resilient infrastructure (micro-services) with a multi-cultural team, organized internal training, built a token service provider for payment industry.

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